5 Things About Me


If I could tell you all about myself in a few sentences, I probably wouldn’t need to write a novel. But, these tidbits might give you insight.

1. I DO need to write a novel. I’ve written one, completed in 2001. Since then, I’ve started several. This blog is here because a book is trying to be born, and I’m told blogs help with that nowadays I’m not even published yet and I’ve already sold out–gah! That leads me to…

2. I’m a writing mercenary. But one with a conscience. I make a living writing executive resumes and doing brand coaching. I love that I get to help my clients fulfill their career dreams. You can find out about worky things at ThisLittleBrand.com.

3. I homeschool my kids. Despite never being a kid person, I’ve managed to have three of them and they are my little gurus, bringing me much joy, consternation, and opportunities for growth.

4. Titles I’ve considered for my memoir are “Billionaires and Breast Milk” and “A Fatwa on Mars.” The former hones in on the contrast of my life where I am sometimes literally counseling billionaires about their communications while nursing a baby. The second one because, being Muslim and a person of radical political leanings, I often find myself bumping up against the stupidity of non-Muslims in America when it comes to Islam and the stupidity of right-leaning Muslims about important things like freedom and science.

5. My family is super private. The blog posts here are works of fiction, inspired by the multicultural world I live in but not representative AT ALL of ANYONE I personally know. Believe me, it galls me because I’m a writer dammit, and I’d love to share every little bit of my inner world with you. But I’d like to stay on speaking terms with my family and perhaps having some boundaries will save you from horrible, self-involved writing. (Ha, so I guess this isn’t strictly true since the first thing I was moved to write about was my dad molesting me as a child. I guess I’ll write whatever I want to write, but works presented as fiction are to be taken as fiction.)

Thanks for visiting!